A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit. An air conditioner is the outdoor unit that cools air and sends it to the indoor unit for circulation through your home. Indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life.

A “split system” central air conditioner includes a compressor, fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil and refrigerant. The system removes heat from indoor air and transfers it outside, leaving the cooled indoor air to be recirculated. A central air conditioning system uses electricity as its power source.

A Residential Split System Central Air Conditioning system keeps your entire home cool in the warmer months, while it helps lower indoor humidity levels.
It is generally more efficient and less cumbersome – and always more attractive from the outside – to cool your home with central air conditioning rather than by buying separate units for separate rooms. In fact, it is also a healthier, less noisy solution.

If you do not currently have central air in your home, why not schedule a time for us to visit you and discuss the benefits and costs of making the switch? Explore the many ways to save on central air products and service today, and also consider the annual savings and future home re-sale benefits that a central air conditioning system offers you.



If you have pets or allergies, you may want to consider checking into some type of air cleaner for your home. We have products to clean your home of the small size pollutants and contaminants that irritate your eyes, lungs and sinuses. It helps reduce the effects of airborne pollutants by trapping particles as small as .01 microns and is much more effective than a furnace filter and even easier to maintain. A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air could actually be more polluted than outdoor air.


Dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and pets are the common triggers for allergies, asthma attacks, headaches and other health worries. Fortunately, there’s an uncomplicated way to help these problems.

Whole Home Air Cleaners are an easy way to improve indoor air quality. These air cleaners go far beyond standard filters to keep your home environment cleaner all year long. Unlike a portable room air cleaner, these units are part of your existing heating and cooling system, so they clean the air throughout your entire home, all while remaining out of sight and operating incredibly quietly.

They can even deliver 24-hour filtration when you need it. This is a difference you can see, since you’ll notice less dust around the house, and it’s a difference your whole family can feel. Each unit is simple to install, simple to maintain and, because it keeps dust and dirt out of vital equipment, your heating and cooling system performs at peak efficiency, which can help reduce maintenance and energy costs.


Winter heating obviously keeps your home warm, but it also robs the air of much-needed moisture. For some people, this parched air is difficult – even painful – to breathe. Dry heat can also cause cracks in furniture and woodwork. With our complete line of Steam, Power and Bypass Humidifiers, we can find the right model to put humidity back in your home, moisturizing the warm air and making your family more comfortable.


Today’s homes do an excellent job of sealing in heated and cooled air to improve energy efficiency. Unfortunately, airtight homes also trap contaminants – mold, bacteria, dust and pollutants – that can cause flare-ups of allergy symptoms and even trigger asthma attacks. Ultraviolet Light (UVC Light) works to clean your indoor coil and prevent mold growth by destroying the DNA, thereby killing or deactivating the spores. As a result, when the UVC Light is used in conjunction with a high-efficiency air cleaner, the conditioned air circulating through your home is cleaner and fresher, while the inside of your system stays cleaner for maximum efficiency and performance.

UV or Ultraviolet Light is a very effective method of stopping the growth of bacteria, fungi and molds that like to grow in damp dark air conditioner coils. Available in single or dual light units, an Albert’s Heating & Cooling staff member will help you choose the best system for your home and air quality requirements. UV Light systems can be added to your existing system for the optimal Indoor Air Quality package.

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